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What Is Nitride?

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Nitride. Nitride is a type of nitrogen compound, in which nitrogen has a -3 valence, including metal nitrides, non-metal nitrides and ammonia (NH3, nitrogen negative trivalent). It is customary to regard ammonia as a special substance. Included in the nitride.
Metal nitrides have high thermal stability and can be used as high-temperature insulating materials. The thermal stability of non-metallic nitrides is also relatively high, each with special properties. Hexagonal boron nitride is an excellent lubricant; while cubic boron nitride has high hardness and can be used to make turning tools and drill bits.

The synthesis conditions of platinum nitride are about 50 GPa (500,000 atmospheres) and 2000 Kelvin, and the synthesis conditions of iridium nitride are similar: 47 GPa and 1600 Kelvin.

Next, the researchers plan to find a way to put the new nitride into industrial production.
The study was published in Science under the title "Synthesis and Characterization of Platinum Nitride and Iridium Nitride". The authors include Jonathan Crowhurst, Babak Sadigh, Cheryl Evans, James Ferreira, and Art Nelson.
The latest research shows that noble metal nitrides synthesized under extreme conditions have some unusual and even unique properties. They can be used in semiconductors, superconductors and anti-corrosion equipment.
Transition metal nitrides are important theoretically and technically because of their strong hardness and durability, and because of their unique properties in optics, electronics, and magnetism, they are useful in many ways.

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