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Multi-material voxel 3D printing, a new way of digital art

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The application of 3D printing technology to explore the new situation of digital art may be called the "art of 3D printing materialization", which has revealed its clues. In 2018, the research team of MIT and Harvard University developed a multi-material voxel printing technology, which can realize the direct conversion of 3D printing data to physical objects to a greater extent. This new technology can directly convert the material data set that needs to be printed into a physical model. This result greatly reduces the need for preprocessing, creates a more direct data-to-physical conversion process, and sets up a connection between physical data and digital Information bridge.
Using its latest multi-material voxel 3D printing technology, researchers can convert digital images into voxel-level 3D printing data, which can achieve higher precision 3D printing. At the same time, technology also provides possibilities for potential applications in interdisciplinary fields.
Currently, Joseph Coddington, a master student at the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand, has conducted a research project focusing on how to use voxel 3D printing for research methods with a design focus and creative output, not just from technology A single point of view to study the progress of new technologies. Codington used voxel 3D printing to replicate a painting from the Waterlillies collection of artist Claude Monet, which is a series of paintings created by Monet in 1914-26. Codington chose Stratasys' J750 3D printer to produce photos, first using Adobe's Photoshop software to digitize the paintings.
What is voxel 3D printing?
In short, voxel printing allows the user to define a color for each point (called a voxel) in the entire volume of the model. A voxel is a 3D version of a pixel, the smallest distinguishable element of a 3D object. In the voxel printing process, full-color 3D printing of the pixels will be performed with the selected material hardness function.
Coddington had previously conducted another project involving voxel 3D printing. The project aimed to establish the technology as a new method of film capture and propose an alternative to .stl files. Through experiments, Coddington realized that by using voxel 3D printing to print film materials, he can fully regenerate the film storage process. As he described at the time, the project aims to "show the new applications that voxel printing can provide" and at the same time demonstrate the artistic quality of the technology.

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