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The main reason for SKF bearing temperature rise

wallpapers Products 2021-03-01

The first is that the friction between the friction pairs of the working surfaces of SKF bearing parts generates heat, and reducing the friction coefficient between the friction pairs through lubricating grease can effectively reduce the temperature rise;

Secondly, the internal friction of the lubricating grease itself generates heat during the operation of the SKF bearing, and reducing the viscosity of the lubricating grease can effectively control this part of the temperature rise.

The increase in temperature and the decrease in the viscosity of lubricating grease are conducive to the cooling and lubrication of the friction pair, but as the viscosity decreases, it is not conducive to preventing the formation of the friction pair from contacting the oil film. In a sense, the two causes and control methods of the temperature rise are sometimes They are contradictory and need to be considered in a balanced manner. According to the different working conditions of the bearing, the lubricating grease of different compositions should be selected reasonably, which can effectively expand the application range of lubricating grease and improve the lubricating effect of lubricating grease. 

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