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What are the assembly methods of bearings?

wallpapers Products 2020-06-14
There are three ways to assemble bearings
1. Hammering
Use the hammer to pad the copper zhi rod and some softer materials before hammering. Be careful not to let foreign objects such as copper dust fall into the bearing raceway. Do not directly hit the inner and outer rings of the bearing with a hammer or punch. Affect the matching precision of the bearing or cause bearing damage.
2. Assembly method of screw press or hydraulic press
For bearings with large interference tolerances, screw presses or hydraulic presses can be used for assembly. Before pressing, the shaft and bearing should be laid flat and coated with a little lubricating oil. The pressing speed should not be too fast. After the bearing is in place, the pressure should be quickly removed to prevent damage to the bearing or shaft.
3. Hot-packing method
The hot mounting method is to heat the bearing in oil to 80 ℃-100 ℃, so that the inner hole of the bearing expands and fits on the shaft, which can prevent the shaft and bearing from being damaged. For bearings with dust caps and seals, the inside of which is filled with grease is not suitable for hot fitting.

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