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Aerogel Bulletproof is not Afraid of being Bombed and not Afraid of Fire-What is Aerogel?

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Aerogel, the new star in the nanomaterials world, why is it sacred? Why can bulletproof be not afraid of being bombed and not afraid of fire?
Aerogel is not a glue that we know. It is a solid form with a density of 3KG/m. Because of its extremely low density, it is also called "frozen smoke" or "blue smoke". It has been awarded the Guinness Book of Records. "The lightest solid in the world" title. In 1931, S. Kistler successfully prepared SiO2 aerogel by supercritical drying method. Since more than 80% of the aerogel is air, it has a perfect thermal insulation effect. An inch thick aerogel is equivalent to the thermal insulation function of 20-30 pieces of ordinary glass. Even if the aerogel is placed between the finger and the flame, the finger will remain unharmed.
Aerogel is a solid material form, the smallest dense solid in the world. The density is 3 kilograms per cubic meter. The most common aerogel is silicon aerogel, which was first made by American scientist Kistler in 1931 because of a bet with his friends. There are many types of aerogels, including silicon, carbon, sulfur, metal oxide, metal and so on. Aerogel is a compound word, where aero is an adjective, meaning flying, the gel is a gel. Means a flying gel. The gel of any substance can be called an aerogel as long as it can be dried and removed the internal solvent but can keep its shape unchanged, and the product has high porosity and low density.
Aerogel is sometimes called "solid smoke" or "frozen smoke" because of its translucent colour and ultra-lightweight. This new material looks fragile, but it is actually very durable and can withstand high temperatures up to 1,400 degrees Celsius. These properties of aerogel have many applications in space exploration. Aerogel materials are used on the Russian "Mir" space station and the US "Mars Pathfinder" probe.

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