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How many bearings does a single car require

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Just how widely are bearings used? What would we do without them?
Let's ask ourselves just how much our daily lives are dependent on bearings. You don't normally see them so it's a bit difficult to imagine, right? Let's talk a bit about cars, since those are something we all know.
When you were a child, you probably played with an electric toy race car set at least once, right? You might remember that the bearings where the wheels were attached.
But what about real cars? Just how many bearings does a single car require?
① Equipment (parts) for generating driving force
Examples: Alternators, turbochargers and the like
② Equipment (parts) for steering
Examples: Steering gears, pumps and the like
③ Equipment (parts) for transmitting driving force
Examples: Transmissions, differential gears and the like
④ Equipment (parts) for driving the car
Examples: Wheels, suspension and the like
The correct answer is about 100!
For high-end cars, the number of bearings is more like 150!
All of these bearings play a very important role.
If a car did not have bearings,rotation would become rough and consume a large amount of energy, and
the part that supports the rotation would break down almost immediately.
For this reason, we would be unable to drive cars safely and comfortably without bearings.
In this way bearings are constantly working in the shadows to make our lives more comfortable.
Conclusion: Bearings are the mechanical parts that make the world go round
Bearings play a crucial role in our daily lives, but it is precisely because of their importance that we must constantly strive to make them more precise and durable.
Additionally, it is vital to the development of machine technology that we continue going forward to develop bearings that can work under ever harsher and more specialized conditions.
Bearings will no doubt continue to evolve and change, and to improve our livelihoods by "making the world go round".

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