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Nano Aerogel Powder and Nano Aerogel Felt

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Nano Aerogel Powder

1. Excellent thermal insulation performance: thermal conductivity is less than 0.018W/m·K. This is excellent heat insulation performance.

2. High hydrophobicity: the hydrophobic effect of the lotus leaf, the hydrophobicity ≥90%.

3. Very low density: lightweight and porosity over 90%.

4. Green and environmental protection: The product is made of inorganic ecological protection materials and will not harm the human body.

5. Long-lasting heat resistance: The unique nano three-dimensional network structure provides excellent thermal stability and avoids the phenomenon of long-term use of traditional thermal insulation materials to reduce thermal insulation performance.

6. Strong adsorption: the aerogel powder has a large surface area and excellent adsorption performance.


Please do not inhale the dust generated during use. It is recommended to install the exhaust equipment in a dusty place. Do not come into direct contact with eyes during application. Keep it in a dry place as much as possible when stored, and it should not be in touch with other chemicals.

Nano Aerogel Felt

Nano aerogel felt is by far the best thermal insulation material. Its pore size is smaller than the mean free path of air molecules under normal pressure, so the air molecules are almost fixed in the aerogel voids, thus avoiding air convection heat transfer. The extremely low packing density of aerogel and the curved path of the nano-network structure also prevents the heat conduction of gases and solids, and the "unlimited" number of void walls can minimize heat radiation. These three aspects work together to avoid almost all heat transfer methods. Aerogel has a thermal insulation effect, which is unmatched by other materials. It is even lower than the thermal conductivity of 0.025W/mK of several air units at room temperature, reaching 0.013W/mK or lower.

Product characteristics of nano aerogel felt.

1. Low thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity of aerogel is only 1/31/5 of that of traditional materials.

2. Strong waterproof performance: water repellency rate ≥99.5% water absorption rate (full immersion) ≤5.0% high-quality moisture absorption rate ≤0.5%,

3. Long service life: Aerogel is an inorganic material and will not show aging after long-term ultraviolet irradiation. It has excellent weather resistance and service life of more than 20 years.

4. Green and environmental protection: The surface dust is amorphous silica, which has passed the safety standard certification.

5. Convenient structure: The aerogel is thin in thickness, and has stretch and compression effects. Low density and lightweight.

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