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Several Methods of Measuring the Purity of Boron Powder

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Monomer boron is dark brown or black powder, crystalline boron is relatively inert, and amorphous boron is active. Monomer boron has relatively high hardness and high electrical resistance. It is often used in the manufacture of electronics industry. Not only that, monomer boron also has a wide range of applications in other industries. The purity of monomer boron used in various applications is also different, so how to measure the purity of monomer boron?
Indicator method:
The indicator method is to take a sample of a certain number of grams of monomer boron, and then take a standard indicator for testing purity, add it in a certain proportion, and after a period of reaction, a value is obtained.
Determine p H method:
Take a certain number of grams of dried monomer boron, add water to the beaker, add a certain proportion of concentrated nitric acid, and wait until there is no yellow smoke, heat the beaker to boil for a certain period of time, then let it cool to room temperature, and then add For example, use hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide to adjust the pH value on the adjusted acidity meter for a certain proportion of water, then add a certain milliliter of glycerol to the test solution, and titrate the pH value with sodium hydroxide standard solution, then add For glycerol, if the ph value is less than the titrated value, repeat until the test solution is equal to the ph value.
The determination of p H method to determine the purity of monomer boron is rarely used in China. It is more accurate, fast, accurate, and applicable than the widely used indicator method. However, the method is complicated and requires careful attention to avoid errors. The H method is the same as the indicator method. It is only suitable for the determination of monomer boron with a purity of 95%. The determination of monomer boron with a purity of more than 95% needs further discussion, but each manufacturer has its own determination method.

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