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The physical and chemical properties of titanium diboride and its preparation method

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Physical and chemical properties of titanium diboride
Titanium diboride (TiB2) is composed of 1.12% B and 68.88% Ti. The color of the synthesized powder is gray or colored, and the sintered parts are metallic gray. Titanium diboride has good electrical and thermal conductivity properties, and electrical conductivity similar to that of pure iron and platinum.
There are many processes for the preparation of titanium diboride (TiB2), which are summarized as follows:
1 Direct synthesis method
Reaction formula: Ti+2B=TiB2. The T powder and B powder are placed in a high-temperature reactor to directly combine to form titanium diboride. The reaction temperature of this method is above 2000 DEG C, the price of raw materials is high, the process is not easy to control, the reaction is incomplete, the purity of the produced TiB2 is low, and other compounds such as TiB and Ti2B are easily formed.
2 boron thermal method
Reaction formula: TiO2+4B=TiB2+B2O2. The experiment uses TiO2 (purity higher than 99%, anatase structure, particle size 0.2-0.3μm) and non-product (92%, particle size 0.2-0.3μm) as raw materials. The mixing ratio in the ball mill is Ti: B=1:4, the weight ratio of the ball to the powder is 40:1, and the ball milling process is completed under vacuum. The reaction temperature does not exceed 1100°C.
3 Melting electrolysis method
Titanium oxides and alkali (or alkaline earth) metal borates and fluorides generate titanium diboride under the conditions of fusion electrolysis.
4 auxiliary immersion metal method
Reaction formula: Ti+2B+ Al=TiB2+AI (or Cu, Sn, etc.)
5 carbothermic method
(1) Carbothermal reduction method: Reaction formula: 2TiO2+5C+ B2O3=2TiB2+ 5CO↑
(2) Boron carbide method: Reaction formula:2TiO2+3C+B4C=2TiB2+ 4CO↑或2TiO2+C+B4C=2TiB2+2CO2↑
6 Spontaneous combustion method
Reaction formula:TiO2+ 5Mg+ B2O3=TiB2+5MgO,TiB2+MgO+2HNO3= TiB2+Mg(NO3)2+H2O
7 Vapor deposition method
Reaction formula:TiCl4+ 2BCI3+ 5H2=TiB2+10HCI↑
8 sol-gel method
Using inorganic salts of Ti and B as raw materials, the sol-gel method can also be used to prepare titanium diboride.

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