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Pros And Cons Of Robots

wallpapers News 2020-04-06

A robot's mechanical arm almost 3 meters long, which is as flexible as the hands of a skilled craftsman. Not only can the "wrist" rotate 180 degrees, but even two people sitting on the "palm" can also still move freely .Today's robots have It is no longer a "big toy" that only plays chess and sweeps the floor, and it has increasingly become the master of the production line.

A robot is a machine that realizes various functions by its power and control capabilities. It can run pre-arranged programs to help humans perform tasks or provide services for humans. In 1959. the world's first industrial robot was used in a metal products factory in Sweden. It is a connected drive arm weighing up to 2 tons, which is controlled by the program on the drum, and it seems to be cumbersome. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, today's robots have become smart and flexible. The intelligent mechanical arm for dislocation welding of car bodies in automobile factories can accurately complete five welding points in 18 seconds, which is not bad.

Compared with robots, humans can always occupy the position of "master" after all, because the creativity, imagination, and control we have are beyond the reach of robots composed of steel and electric circuits. Today's civil airliners are highly automated, with an average driving time of only 3 minutes per flight, but pilots have no possibility of being replaced at all. Therefore, instead of worrying about your "rice bowl" for the progress of the machine, it is better to act immediately to improve your knowledge.

Bearings are an essential part of robots, and lubrication is also crucial. Mixed greases should never be mixed with incompatible lubricants. If two incompatible oils are combined, the consistency will usually become soft, and the bearing may be damaged due to the natural loss of grease.

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