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The Brief introduction of Spherical roller bearing

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The Brief introduction of Spherical roller bearing



1.Spherical roller bearing, the outer ring raceway is part of the sphere, the bearing has internal tuning performance to adapt the relative deviation of the shaft and the seat hole.

2.For this bearing , it can Bear heavy radial load and impact load, at the same time , it can also undertake a certain two-way axial load.

3.This type of bearing can limit the axial displacement of the shaft or housing in the axial clearance of the bearing

4.The structural principles and characteristics of spherical roller bearing are same as self-aligning ball bearing, if the load capacity and limit speed permit , the two bearing can be mutual used. 

Characteristics and Application of Tapered Roller Bearings

Small one-way thrust tapered roller bearing are almost completely used in steering knuckle of commercial vehicles. This kind of bearing is usually full of rollers and is fixed with thin steel plate cover. Most are wear resistant, oil resistant nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) friction seals. Use multi purpose grease for lifetime lubrication without maintenance. There are many designs for this kind of bearings. The difference is only the design of bearing housing races and bearing housings.


  Two way thrust tapered roller bearings are mainly used in rolling mills ,with multi row cylindrical roller bearings together. This kind of bearing with plane shaft washer is more popular, because it can bear the slight eccentricity of the shaft relative to the bearing box bore, and the minor change of radial internal clearance caused by the radial bearing.

  This type of thrust tapered roller bearing must be able to withstand a great axial load, and allow the angular displacement of the screw shaft relative to the bearing seat. Therefore, this kind of bearing is usually full roller type, and has large diameter and super long roller.


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