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What Are The Benefits Of Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearings With An Aligning Seat?

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Consist of a shaft washer, a housing washer and a ball and cage assembly. The bearings can accommodate axial loads and locate a shaft axially, in one direction only.
Single direction thrust ball bearings are able to accommodate axial thrust loads in one direction. They are not able to tolerate any amount of radial load.
These bearings consist of two rings, which are commonly referred to as shaft and housing washers, along with a ball and cage assembly.
They also have an aligning seat, which enable the bearing to tolerate initial misalignment. 
The balls which are used as rolling elements in thrust ball bearings enable outstanding performance at the highest speeds.
These bearings have a separable design to facilitate easy mounting, dismounting and bearing inspection. This also means that they are easily interchangeable.
Thrust ball bearings are manufactured as single direction or double direction thrust ball bearings. They are designed to accommodate axial loads only and must not be subjected to any radial load. Thrust ball bearings are separable, i.e. the shaft washer, housing washer(s), ball and cage assembly(s) can be mounted separately. Shaft washers have a ground bore to enable an interference fit. The bore of the housing washer is turned and always larger than the shaft washer bore.

To accommodate initial misalignment between the shaft and housing, both single and double direction thrust ball bearings are available with sphered seat surfaces on the housing washers. They can be used together with a sphered seat washer adjacent to the housing washer or adjacent to a machine component manufactured with a sphered surface.
The one-way thrust ball bearing includes a shaft washer, a seat washer, a steel ball and a cage assembly. The one-way thrust ball bearing is a separate type, and the shaft washer, seat ring, and steel ball-cage assembly can be installed separately. One-way thrust ball bearings can bear a single-direction axial load and can be used for single-direction axial positioning, but must not bear any radial load.
Bearing series
There are two types of small one-way thrust ball bearings, with flat seat ring or with self-aligning seat ring. Bearings with a self-aligning seat ring can be used in conjunction with a self-aligning seat washer to compensate for the angular alignment error between the supporting surface in the bearing seat and the shaft.
Centering error
Thrust ball bearings with flat races cannot bear any alignment error between the shaft and the bearing seat, or the angular error between the bearing surface in the bearing seat and the shaft.
Thrust ball bearings with self-aligning seat washers are usually used in conjunction with self-aligning seat washers to compensate for the initial error between the bearing surface in the bearing seat and the shaft.

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