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What is silicon fine powder

wallpapers News 2021-04-13
Overview of Silicon powder
Silicon powder, also known as micro-silicon powder, known "silica gray", is the process of industrial electric furnace in high-temperature smelting industrial silicon and silicon iron, and the smoke of the exhaust gas is collected by special capture devices. The "silica gray", Microsilica or Silica Fume is the process of industrial electric furnaces in high-temperature smelting industrial silicon and silicon iron, and the smoke of the exhaust gas is collected by special capture devices. In the smoke of the smoke, SiO2 content accounts for about 90% of the total amount of smoke, the particle size is very small, and the average particle size is almost nanometers, so it is called silicon powder.
Durable impact
The durability of concrete includes the antifreeze, infiltration, anti-chemical erosion, anti-steel bar erosion resistance, and anti-polishing performance, only talking about the antifreeze, infiltration and chemical resistance of concrete. The effect of erosion.
1. Anti-freeze: When the silicon powder is small, the antifreezeness of the silicon powder concrete is basically the same as that of ordinary concrete, and when the silicon powder is more than 15%, its antifreeze is poor. Through a large number of tests, this view is basically confirmed. The main reason is that when the silicon powder exceeds 15%, the amount of expansion of concrete increases, the relative moving elastic modulus is lowered, and the pressure resistance has dropped sharply, from the internal part of the concrete Small specific surface area, large spacing factor.
2. Improvementity: Since the silicon powder particles are small, 20 to 100 times less than cement particles, can be filled into the voids between cement particles, so that the concrete is intimate, and the secondary hydration of silicon powder, and new formula is blocked. In concrete, the infiltration capacity of the silicon powder is very strong, and the permeability of concrete increases with the increase of water ratio, because the water is relatively different than concrete.
3. Anti-chemical erosion: In concrete, silica powder is incorporated, can reduce Ca (OH) 2 content, increase concrete probimity, effectively improve the weak acid corrosion capacity, but in weak acids in strong acid or high depth, due to concrete CSH is decomposed in acid, in addition, it also resists salt corrosion, especially for chloride and sulfate, which can be resistant to acid, which is that silicon powder concrete is more dense, and the hole structure is improved, thereby reducing The hazardous ion transmission speed and reduced soluble Ca (OH) 2 and calcitonite (3caO · Al2O3 · 3caso4 · 32H2) are generated, and the result of the calcium hydrated silicate crystal is increased.
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