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Classification of bearings

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Classification of bearings 
According to the different forms of friction when the journal is working in the bearings, the bearings are divided into two categories: sliding bearings and rolling bearings.

Sliding bearing

According to the direction of load received by the bearings, sliding bearings are divided into three categories:
Radial bearing -- to bear radial load, the direction of load is perpendicular to the center line of the shaft;
(2) thrust bearing -- bearing axial load, load direction and axis center line parallel;
Radial - thrust bearings -- both radial and axial loads.
According to the friction state, sliding bearings are divided into two categories: non-liquid friction sliding bearings and liquid friction sliding bearings. The former is in the state of dry friction or boundary friction, while the latter is in the state of liquid friction.

Rolling bearing

(1) according to the direction of load borne by the rolling bearing, it can be divided into:
Centripetal bearing, mainly under radial load.
Thrust bearing, mainly under axial load.
(2) according to the shape of the rolling body can be divided into: ball bearing and roller bearing. The rolling bodies in the bearings have single and double columns.
(3) according to load direction or nominal contact Angle, type of rolling body

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