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Several main noise analysis of rolling bearings

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According to the size and operating speed, rolling bearings have their own unique sound. If the reasons for the following sounds can be distinguished, it will be of great help to judge the bearing damage in advance.
1. Roll the soundtrack
The raceway sound is caused by the rolling elements rolling in the raceway when the bearing rotates, which excites a kind of smooth and continuous noise, which only attracts people's attention when its sound pressure level or tone is extremely large. In fact, the sound energy excited by the raceway sound is limited. For example, under normal conditions, the high-quality 6203 bearing raceway sound is 25 ~ 27dB. The sound source of the raceway is caused by the natural vibration of the ring after being loaded. Because of the elastic contact between the ring and the rolling element, a nonlinear vibration system is formed. When the lubrication or machining accuracy is not high, the natural vibration related to this elastic characteristic will be excited, and it will become noise when transmitted to the air.
2. Falling body rolling sound
Under normal circumstances, this noise mostly occurs in large bearings that bear radial loads at low speeds. When the bearing is running under radial load, the load zone and the non-load zone in the bearing. If the roller bearing has a certain radial clearance, the rolling elements in the non-load zone do not contact the inner raceway, but due to centrifugal force, it may contact the outside Ring contact, for this reason, at low speed, when the centrifugal force is less than the weight of the rolling elements, the rolling elements will fall and collide with the inner race or the cage and stimulate the natural vibration and noise of the bearing.
3. Screaming
It is a very violent scream caused by sliding friction between metals. Although the temperature rise of the bearing at this time is not high, it has little effect on bearing life and grease life, and does not affect rotation, but the unpleasant sound is disturbing, especially Large short cylindrical roller bearings bearing radial loads often have this noise.
4. Cage sound
In the process of bearing rotation, the free vibration of the cage and its collision with rolling elements or ferrules will cause this noise. It may appear in all kinds of bearings, but its sound pressure level is not too high and low frequency.
5. The rolling body through vibration
When the bearing is running under the action of radial load, only a few rolling elements within it bear the load. The "spring" support formed by the elastic contact with the ring causes the rolling elements to vibrate periodically through the line of action of the radial load. Therefore, the center of the rotating shaft will move up and down vertically or horizontally, and noise will be induced. This kind of vibration is called rolling element pass-through vibration, especially at low speeds.

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