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Boron Nitride Properties

Boron nitride is a crystal composed of nitrogen atoms and also boron atoms. The crystal framework is split into hexagonal boron nitride (HBN), closely packed hexagonal boron nitride (WBN) and also cubic boron nitride.

The crystal structure of hexagonal boron nitride has a similar graphite layered framework, showing a loose, lubricating, moisture-absorbing, light as well as various other properties of white powder, so it is additionally called "white graphite". Academic thickness 2.27 g/cm3, details gravity: 2.43, Mohr hardness = 2.
Hexagonal boron nitride has great electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, chemical security, no apparent melting point, 3000 ℃ in 0.1 MPA nitrogen, warmth resistance to 2000 ℃ in neutral decrease atmosphere, 2800 ℃ in nitrogen and argon, inadequate security in oxygen environment, and temperature below 1000 ℃. The development coefficient of hexagonal boron nitride amounts that of quartz, but its thermal conductivity is ten times that of quartz.
Hexagonal boron nitride does not liquify cold water. When the water is steamed, it hydrolyses extremely gradually and also produces a small amount of boric acid and also ammonia, which does not react with weak acid and solid base at area temperature level. It is somewhat soluble in hot acid and can only be decayed with molten salt hydroxide and potassium hydroxide.

Boron Nitride Properties
1. High warm resistance: sublimation at 3000 ℃, its strength at 1800 ℃ is two times that at space temperature level, air-cooled at 1500 ℃ to room temperature level for dozens of times, and does not soften at 2800 ℃ in inert gas.
2. High thermal conductivity: the hot-pressed products are the same as pure iron, and 33W/M. K has the highest thermal conductivity amongst ceramic materials over 530C.
3, low thermal development coefficient: the expansion coefficient of 2 × & times; 10-6 is 2nd only to quartz glass, which is the smallest in ceramics, combined with its high thermal conductivity, so the thermal shock resistance is excellent.
4. Exceptional electric properties: excellent insulation at high temperature, 1014 Ω& Omega;- centimeters,2000 at 25 ℃ and also 103 Ω& Omega;- cm at 25 ℃. It is the best high temperature shielding material in ceramics, with failure voltage 3KV/MV, reduced dielectric loss 108HZ 2.5 × & times; 10-4, dielectric constant 4, clear to microwave and also infrared.
5. Excellent deterioration resistance: it does not react with general metals (iron, copper, aluminum, lead, and so on), rare earth steels, rare-earth elements, semiconductor materials (germanium, silicon, potassium arsenide), glass, liquified salts (crystal, fluoride, slag), inorganic acid and also alkali.
6. Low friction coefficient: U is 0.16, does not raise at heat, is more immune to heat than molybdenum disulfide and graphite, oxidation atmosphere can be consumed to 900C, vacuum can be utilized at 2000 ℃.
7. High purity great B is high: its impurity content is much less than 10PPM, however B content is more than 43.6%.
8. Machinability: its hardness is Morse 2, so it can be processed right into get rid of high accuracy by general machining approaches.

What is hexagonal boron nitride made use of in?
Hexagonal boron nitride can be utilized in the manufacture of TiB2/BN composite porcelains, progressed refractories and superhard materials, splitting up rings of horizontal continuous rolling steel, heat resistant lubes and also heat finishes, along with resources for the synthesis of cubic boron nitride.

Certain uses:
1. Boron nitride is a mold release representative for metal creating as well as a lubricating substance for metal cord illustration.
2. Special electrolysis and resistance products of boron nitride at high temperature.
3. Boron nitride is suitable for high temperature solid lubes, extrusion antiwear ingredients, ceramic composite ingredients, refractories as well as antioxidant additives, particularly for molten steel Faustian occasions, heat improvement ingredients as well as high temperature immune insulation products.
4. Boron nitride appropriates for heat-sealed desiccant of transistor as well as additive of polymer such as plastic material.
5. Boron nitride products pushed into various shapes can be utilized as heat, high pressure, insulation and warm dissipation parts.
6. Boron nitride is a thermal shielding product in aerospace.
7. With the participation of driver, cubic boron nitride can be transformed into cubic boron nitride as hard as ruby by high temperature and also high pressure therapy.
8. Boron nitride is the architectural material of atomic reactor.
9. Boron nitride appropriates for the nozzles of airplane and rocket engines.
10. Boron nitride is an insulator of high voltage, high regularity electrical energy and plasma arc.
11. Boron nitride is a packaging material to prevent neutron radiation.
12. The superhard material made from boron nitride can be made into high-speed cutting tools as well as drills for geological exploration as well as oil drilling.
13. Boron nitride is made use of in metallurgy for separation ring of constant casting steel, flow groove of amorphous iron, demoulding representative of constant spreading light weight aluminum (numerous optical glass stripping agents).
14. Boron nitride is an evaporator for all type of capacitor film plating, picture tube plating, display plating.
15. Boron nitride is suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping aluminized bags and so forth.
16. Boron nitride is a variety of laser anti-counterfeiting light weight aluminum plating, hallmark gilding products, all kinds of cigarette tags, beer labels, packaging boxes, cigarette boxes.
17. Boron nitride appropriates for cosmetics. Can be used for lipstick fillers, safe as well as lubricating, but likewise shiny.

Boron Nitride Price
The cost is affected by lots of variables including the supply and also demand in the marketplace, sector fads, economic task, market belief, and unanticipated occasions.
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Boron Nitride Provider
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