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The role of international Marine freight forwarders


What is a sea freight forwarder?

Maritime freight forwarders are developed with the formation of maritime trade, the gradual expansion of international trade and transportation, and the increasingly detailed division of labor. The wide range of maritime cargo transport business and many clues make it difficult for any carrier (shipping company) or cargo owner to personally handle the specific business of each link in the transport business, and a lot of work needs to be entrusted agent for handling. Although there is some fee, there is compensation for the services provided by the agent.


The work of an international Marine freight forwarder

The people engaged in the international Marine freight forwarding business are those who have been engaged in the transportation business for many years, are proficient in the business, have rich experience, and are familiar with various transportation procedures, procedures and regulations. They have a wide range of contacts and close relations with the departments of transportation and trade, banking, insurance, customs, commodity inspection and other departments, so as to have favorable conditions for the principal to act for a variety of transportation matters, even more favorable than the principal to handle in person. Ocean freight forwarders can also pool small shipments from different owners to book space with liner companies to obtain preferential rates. Container transport can be the same loading, unloading port of different shippers of the small ticket goods assembled, enjoy the package rate. In fact, not only shippers are willing to entrust to freight forwarders, but also shipping companies are willing to pay commissions to freight forwarders in order to get a stable supply of goods.


The role of international Marine freight forwarders

With regard to the role of freight forwarders, the International Freight Forwarders Association describes it as follows: "A freight forwarder has a lot of expertise so that it can organize goods in the safest, fastest and most economical way; The freight forwarder has established a network of customers and branches in the trade centers of the world so that it can control the whole movement of goods. A freight forwarder is a consultant to industrial and trade enterprises. It can provide advice on freight, packaging, documents, customs clearance, consular requirements, finance and other aspects. Freight forwarders can make suggestions on foreign markets and possibilities of sales in foreign markets; Freight forwarders can concentrate small quantities of goods into groups of goods, so customers can benefit from this special service; Freight forwarders not only organize and coordinate transportation but also influence the creation of new modes of transportation, the development of new transportation routes and the setting of new rates..., '


Nowadays, the international maritime freight forwarder is a worldwide industry, that has penetrated into every corner of the transportation field, and has become an indispensable part of the international trade and transportation industry. In the case of intense international trade competition, its role is more and more obvious.


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